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DCS HiSET Prep Online Site License Order Form

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A site license will allow an unlimited number of students to register and use the DCS HiSET Prep Online software for a one-year period. The site license is issued to one physical location. All students can access DCS HiSET Prep Online from this location or from their home.

After your order is accepted, a site license packet will be emailed to you and will include:
   — introductory letter and instructions
   — your site license agreement
   — administrator documentation
   — software DVD (Network version - site license packet is mailed via US Postal Service)

Two versions of site licensing are available.
The first is an online version through which your students log into our web site.
The second is a network version. Our software is installed on a server in your facility. No Internet connection is required. The network version is compatible with PCs running the Windows operating system.

Multiple site licensing
Multiple site licenses can be purchased if you have more than one physical site.

Site License Pricing.
License pricing is based on the number of students expected to be registered under the license
and will be reviewed annually.

Number of
1-50 1250
51-100 1,800
101-250 3,750
251-500 6,500
501-1000 12,000
1001-2000+ 20,000

Note: Network price: add $250 to online price.

Computer minimum system requirements:
   — Windows operating system with .Net Framework 4
   — Microsoft Internet Explorer, V9 browser supporting HTML5 video
   — 4 GB of system memory (RAM)
   — 4 GB of free hard drive space
   — Color monitor with a resolution of 1040 by 800
   — DVD drive (for installing software)
   — Printer (recommended, but optional)
   — Sound card and speakers
   — Keyboard
   — Mouse
   — Windows operating system with .Net Framework 4
   — Microsoft Internet Explorer, V9 browser supporting HTML5 video
   — 500 MB of system memory (RAM)
   — Color monitor with a resolution of 1040 by 800
   — Printer (available through network)
   — Sound card and speakers
   — Keyboard
   — Mouse

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Diversified Computer Services
PO Box 2199
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3. Purchase Order
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Your purchase order can be faxed to 267-654-6979 or mailed to:

Diversified Computer Services
P.O. Box 2199
Kenosha, WI 53141-2199

4. Sponsor ID
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